Nuestra Chufa Dulce y Sin Gluten

The “Oro de Alboraya ®” tiger nuts are special for Horchata, correspond to a rigorous selection of this tiger nut in quality and size, being the most suitable for the elaboration of the traditional horchata.

Denominación de origen protegida

Our Tigernuts are …

We differentiate our products by size, maintaining the highest quality of our tigernuts.

Tigernuts “Oro de Alboraya®”, our reference brand, tiger nuts of a caliber between 5 and 12mm., specially designed for the production of horchata.

Chufa Granzeta

Tigernuts “Granzeta”, with a caliber between 8 and 12mm.

Chufa Granza Seleccion

Tigernuts “Granza Selección”, from 12mm., Special for the dry fruit market.

Chufa Black Tigernuts

Tigernuts “Black Tigernuts”, tigernuts for the fishing industry..

Presentations of Tigernuts

Saco de Chufa de 300 gramos

300 grams (0.66 lb) sachet of tiger nut, an ideal gift.

Envasado de Chufa 250 gramos y 1 Kilo

Adaptable weight sack of tiger nut, vacuum-packed in plastic bag (BPA free).

Saco de Chufa de 1 a 15 Kilos

1, 5, 10, 15 kg (2.2, 11, 22, 33 lb) sack of tiger nut, designed for the private customer.

Saco de Chufa 25 Kilos

25 Kg. (55 lb) raffia sack of tiger nut.

25 Kilos
Saco de Chufa de 25 Kilos

25 Kg. (55 lb) jute sack of tiger nut, our standard format.

Saco de Chufa de 1000 Kilos

“Big-Bag” sack of tiger nut, with 1,000 kg (2,204 lb).